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ProV Foods launches ProV Minis

ProV Minis are perfectly proportioned flavored dry fruits, nuts, and seeds ideal for healthy on-the-go nutrition, priced at just INR 30.

ProV foods, an integrated commodities company with a large-scale presence in the dry fruits, nuts, seeds and berries segment, announced the launch of a new line of products called ProV Minis. Designed specifically for the Indian market, ProV Minis are perfectly proportioned mini snack packs of flavored dry fruits, nuts, and seeds that are ideal for healthy on-the-go nutrition. Priced at a very affordable price point of just INR 30 per pack, ProV Minis are the perfect solution when you don’t have enough time to pack in a healthy snack for breakfast or are just confused about what healthy alternatives to pack into your kid’s lunch box.

ProVMinis are currently available in exciting and unique flavors such as Cashew Roasted & Salted, Nut & Seed Mix, Cashew Creamy Cheese, Cashew Cracked Pepper, Almonds Roasted & Salted, and Almonds Piri Piri. The company will launch additional flavors and variants over the coming months. ProV Minis can be purchased from the ProV Food website as well as leading e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Flipkart and retail stores like Dmart, more retail, Metro Cash & Carry, and your neighborhood kirana shops.

Commenting on the launch of ProV Minis, Shalin Khanna, co-founder and chief marketing officer, ProV Foods, said, “Indian consumers often struggle with finding healthy snacking options for themselves and their families and often end up snacking on unhealthy snacks like chips and namkeens. The few healthy alternatives that exist tend to have higher price points not suitable for impulse purchases or to stock at local kiranas or lack flavor and taste. ProV has always been committed to bridging this gap and providing innovative, healthy, flavourful, and affordable products to customers. The launch of ProV Minis is yet another step from ProV Foods in this direction.”


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