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Distributors of pharmaceutical excipients and ingredients

Arihant Innochem (AIPL) is a pre-eminent distributor of pharmaceutical excipients and ingredients in the domain of personal care and home care. Being Headquartered in Mumbai, (India), AIPL has a pan-India presence and also reaches geographies like South Asia and Middle East regions.

The company started leaving its footprints way back in 1989 as a family-owned entity with the name of Arihant Trading Co. under the leadership of Jinesh Shah, Managing Director of AIPL. 

AIPL has succeeded in numerous milestones by partnering with a sizable number of global brands in the excipients and speciality chemicals arena. His astute leadership coupled with the diverse offerings and extensive portfolio of their eminent principles has made AIPL one of the leading channel partners for speciality excipients.



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