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Nestlé introduces India’s first-ever frozen Maggi plant-based offering

The FMCG giant has partnered with SOCIAL and BOSS Burger to introduce plant-based offerings for meat-based meals.

Nestlé India has partnered with restaurant chains SOCIAL and BOSS Burger to initiate a test launch of MAGGI Professional’s plant-based product range. The range includes a burger patty and mince alternatives to traditional meat-based meals, now featured in The New Irresistible Menu. The menu is available for a limited three-month period at 42 SOCIAL and 40 BOSS Burger outlets across Delhi (NCR), Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Dehradun, and Chandigarh, starting from January 27, 2024.

Tailored for chefs, the plant-based range replicates the sensory attributes of chicken, providing a familiar bounce and juiciness. These alternatives are protein and fibre-rich while being naturally cholesterol-free, catering to the preferences of a young audience with global cultural exposure and mindful consumption habits.

SOCIAL’s new menu showcases plant-based offerings such as the Sensational Seekh #NotGuilty; Chilli #NotChicken; and Garden Club Sandwich.

BOSS Burger’s new menu includes options like The ImBOSSible Cheeseburger and the Crumb De La Avo Burger.

Suresh Narayanan, chairman and managing director of Nestlé India, expressed delight in the partnerships, emphasising Nestlé India’s commitment to providing diverse food choices for consumers.

“We are confident that the chefs would enjoy cooking with this range and create novel dishes for their consumers,” he said.

Riyaaz Amlani, founder and managing director of Impresario Entertainment and Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., described the collaboration as a significant step towards a more sustainable, conscious, and innovative approach to dining.

Guests can experience The New Irresistible Menu at select SOCIAL outlets starting from January 27th, 2024, and order for delivery from BOSS Burger via DotPe, Swiggy, and Zomato.

Global roots

According to a report by the Good Food Institute (GFI), India’s burgeoning smart protein industry is anticipated to witness substantial growth, reaching a projected value of USD 4.2 billion by 2030. This growth will be propelled by the active participation of over 113 startups, contributing to the sector’s expansion in the domains of plant-based, fermentation, and cultivated proteins.

Nevertheless, India’s foray into the smart protein industry is not only significant on a national scale but also aligns with the global trends set in motion by the FMCG giant. 

In December 2023, Nestlé launched Maggi Soya Chunks on a global scale, presenting a plant-based meat alternative custom-tailored for Central and West Africa. Crafted from soy, the product aims to address the issue of protein deficiency, presenting an affordable option fortified with essential elements like iron and zinc.

Céline Worth, R&D program manager for affordable nutrition at Nestlé, highlighted the company’s commitment to delivering affordable, nutritious products and bridging the protein gap through plant-based ingredients.

In addition, also in December, Nestlé’s Garden Gourmet brought back Voie Gras, its alternative to foie gras, for Belgium, Spain, and The Netherlands, for a limited time.

The animal-friendly alternative was originally launched in Spain and Switzerland in 2022.

Marjolijn Niggebrugge, European business head of plant-based meal solutions at Nestlé, said, “Voie Gras is a great-tasting seasonal option to delight consumers who continue to look for plant-based alternatives while paying attention to the environment and animal welfare.”

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