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Introducing Pee Safe’s Citrus Variant: New Approach to Toilet Seat Sanitization

In the realm of personal hygiene, innovation often takes center stage, driven by consumer preferences and demands. Pee Safe, a brand renowned for its commitment to hygiene and well-being, recently unveiled its latest breakthrough: the Citrus variant in their Toilet Seat Sanitizer product line. With a blend of freshness and hygiene, this new offering promises to revolutionize restroom experiences one spray at a time.

Q: What prompted Pee Safe to launch a Citrus variant in their Toilet Seat Sanitizer product line?

A: According to Rithish Kumar, co-founder of Pee Safe, 25% of consumers worldwide prefer the Citrus fragrance for their personal care and household products. The decision to launch the Citrus variant was driven by popular demand from both buyers and distributors.

Q: How does the new Citrus variant differentiate itself from existing products in the market?

A: The new Citrus variant not only provides protection from germs on the toilet seat within 10 seconds but also offers a refreshing and deodorizing effect. Its lemony fragrance adds a zestful twist to restroom experiences, making it stand out in the market.

Q: What makes the Citrus variant a convenient choice for consumers?

A: Available in 75ml bottles, the Citrus variant is designed for both home use and on-the-go convenience. Its compact size makes it easy to carry, ensuring that consumers can stay protected and hygienic wherever they are.

Q: How does Pee Safe aim to meet customer demands and preferences through product innovation?

A: Pee Safe prides itself on listening to customer feedback and adapting its product offerings accordingly. By introducing the Citrus variant based on popular demand, the brand demonstrates its commitment to providing products that align with consumer preferences and needs.

Q: What does Ajeet Srivastav, Pee Safe’s R&D Head, have to say about the new Citrus variant?

A: Ajeet Srivastav, Pee Safe’s R&D Head, expresses his enthusiasm for the new Citrus variant, stating, “The introduction of the Citrus variant is a testament to Pee Safe’s dedication to innovation and meeting customer demands. With its refreshing fragrance and effective germ protection, we’re excited to revolutionize restroom experiences and bring a zestful twist to cleanliness.”

In conclusion, the launch of the Citrus variant in Pee Safe’s Toilet Seat Sanitizer product line represents a strategic response to consumer preferences for freshness and hygiene. With its innovative formula and convenient packaging, the Citrus variant offers consumers a refreshing and effective solution for maintaining cleanliness both at home and on the go.

Written by Akanksha Rathore, CMPL Editorial Team


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