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Herbal Skincare By Shahnaz Husain: 7 Reasons To Use Natural Beauty Products In Everyday Regime

Beauty products are one of the key thing in a skincare regime. Shahnaz Husain enlists why herbal products can be incorporated.

The beauty industry is constantly evolving and we often see new trends and new products being discovered in it. Today’s Indian consumers are aware of the quality and the ingredients in products which helps them judge what is right and what is wrong for them. There is competition with chemical beauty products, but amidst all this, there are herbal beauty products that are gentle on your skin and provide more benefits.

Today, there is a trend towards natural and organic beauty care. There is too much information available about cosmetic products and harmful ingredients. This has led to increased awareness about certain ingredients in beauty products. For example, today we are creating products that are free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, and synthetic colors. We are combining traditional treatments with modern technologies to create more refined and safe products.

Beauty care is offering a new level of botanical energy, with formulations that contain delicate blends of herbal and floral extracts and their essential oils.

Herbal beauty care has driven the growth of the beauty industry in India. Formulations made with organic plant products are purer, free from chemicals, and richer in nutrients because they are richer in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and enzymes. Organic products also have specific curative and beneficial properties that enhance the beauty of the skin and hair.

5 Benefits of Using Herbal Skincare

  1. Herbal Products Are Gentle On The Skin: As we know herbal products do not contain harsh chemicals. No synthetic elements are added to them, hence they are good for the skin. Herbal products are gentle on the skin and prevent any skin allergies. Indian skin types go from oily to sensitive and herbal ayurvedic products are generally suitable for all skin types. Ingredients like chamomile, aloe vera, turmeric, and calendula are known for their anti-inflammatory effects and that is why herbal products are the preferred choice.
  2. Herbal Products Prioritize Ethical Values: Chemical products are often prepared after animal testing, but this is not the case with herbal products. Many natural beauty products prioritize ethical values and sustainability. Herbal products are derived from plants and hence are called ‘Natural’. Since they are formed from natural formulations and are tested in labs by Ayurvedic experts.
  3. Herbal Products Have Natural Fragrance: The fragrance of chemical products is also not authentic, but the natural fragrance of herbal products soothes your skin. This fragrance is due to the extract taken from the plant. Products containing ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile, sandalwood, turmeric, etc. have their natural fragrance. Likewise, lavender, chamomile, rosemary, and lemon essential oils are popular for their calming fragrance.Fruit extracts have a distinct sweet fragrance. They are used in many herbal and natural skin care products, which calm the mind. The fragrance of these natural oils also reduces your stress. Whereas chemical containing products give you skin irritation along with many other problems.
  4. Herbal Products are Environmentally Friendly: I have a herbal skincare brand and I prioritize sustainable sourcing. This involves using plant-based ingredients that are cultivated or harvested in ways that reduce environmental impact, promote biodiversity and support local communities. Additionally, herbal skin care products often use biodegradable ingredients, which is better for the environment. Herbal skincare products may use natural preservatives and brands generally focus on using minimal and eco-friendly packaging.
  5. Herbal Products Have Minimum Allergic Reactions: It would be wrong to say that herbal products do not cause any kind of allergy. It may not suit many people, but it causes very less allergic reactions as compared to chemical products. Developing allergies from an all-natural skin care products are lesser than synthetic products. Some people may have problems with certain herbs or specific essential oils. In such a situation, you need to know about your allergies.
  6. Herbal Products Gives Healthy Skin: Chemical and synthetic products can give you an instant glow, but after some time their magic starts to wear off. Herbal and natural products may take time, but their effect is visible on your skin. Natural ingredients contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that brighten the skin and reduce the appearance of signs of aging. With the help of these natural ingredients, we get perfect skin, because it does not contain any artificial fragrance, complex chemicals, and synthetic formulas.
  7. Herbal Products Are Packed With Essential Nutrients: Elasticity of our skin comes from the production of collagen and do you know that many herbal products are packed with this essential nutrient. Not only this, herbal products contain many vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids and moisturizing agents, which help in retaining moisture of the skin. The flavonoids present in plant extracts protect the skin from oxidative stress. Elements like Vitamin A, C, E present in them improve skin health. Elements like zinc and copper soothe irritated skin by increasing skin elasticity and firmness.

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